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VDM offers its clients tailor-made transportation solutions for various industries in one seamless service. Whether your business is niche or you require specific or specialised delivery, storage, and distribution services – we can help. We are also the leading experts in solar transportation services.

Situated on the West Coast of South Africa is the coastal town of Saldanha and the headquarters of VDM. Being in a coastal town near a port means we are in a unique, strategically placed position to oversee the quality disembarkment of all goods, and can provide storage facilities to keep it safe and secure if necessary.

We have a national warehouse footprint of 200 000 square meters in total at the following locations:


Cape Town

Our main areas of expertise are

Solar site establishment

Renewable energy projects

Solar site establishment

We are proud to attach the VDM name to numerous successful solar operations and the delivery of more than 3000 containers in the process.

VDM is actively involved in the transportation and storage of renewable energy projects regarding:

• Photovoltaic Energy
• Concentrated Solar Power
• Wind Turbine Generators

Road transport

With more than 400 vehicle combinations at our disposal, including warehouse and storage facilities, we are able to provide you with truly intelligent transportation and logistical solutions.

Road transport
Solar site establishment

Integrated rail solutions

By eliminating unnecessary middlemen, we connect buyers and sellers more directly and therefore optimise the efficiency of end-to-end supply needs.

Specialised logistic services

Whatever your transportation needs, we can assist you with a custom-made option.

Specialised logistic services
Specialised cargo handling solutions

Specialised cargo handling solutions

Due to the sensitive nature of the equipment, we treat every solar project with extreme care. Not only do we utilise special rigs and methods for the quality disembarkment, transportation, and delivery of panels, but we do it in a manner that supports our clients’ objectives therefore enhancing productivity.

Intermodal solutions

VDM makes use of rail transportation and therefore offer clients a more balanced and complete conveyance of goods service on any single journey. Not only does this cut costs, but it also enhances the efficiency in which we supply and deliver. Our intermodal offering is also environmentally responsible since it reduces transportation risks and includes an offering for customers to earn carbon credits.

Intermodal solutions

VDM SHEQ Standards

  • Key account managers ensure consistency, visibility and 24/7 control over shipments
  • Real-time cameras mounted in each vehicle monitor driver behavior and the adherence to route designs
  • Surveys are undertaken by our VDM route patrols to monitor both vehicles and drivers
  • All trailers are equipped with air suspension
  • The new Volvo FH truck tractors produce 50% less carbon emissions than previous generations
  • Route designs are frequently optimised for safety
  • All trucks have been limited to 80km/h
  • Electronic devices are installed in all vehicles that logs proof of delivery and to create a seamless paper trail for our supply chain stakeholders
Accredited BBBEE Level 3
Certified SABS ISO 9001


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